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Welcome Note

Darasamuth Phuket School English Programme (EP) was established in 2002. We currently have EP classes for students from Kindergarten grade 2 to Prathom Grade 6. In IEP, we have classes from KG1 to Mathayom 3.

The goal of the EP is to provide students with a rich education and enjoyable experience of the English language, that they can use in both academic and practical arenas. In EP, we provide a robust curriculum that combines both the Thai Ministry of Education and British national curriculum standards.

We believe that variety in teaching materials and methodology is essential to the educational well-being of our students. Our ethos is student-centred as we respond to the needs and abilities of each child in. Our teachers are experienced and well-qualified and constantly update their skills through regular training and professional development. At Darasamuth, we want the learning experience to be enjoyed by students and teachers alike, so that learning takes place in a positive, vibrant environment.

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Darasamuth English Programme News


22/12/20     Covid-19 School Update

Dear Parents / Carers,  

      As you may have heard in recent news regarding the spike in the new Covid-19 cases in Samut Sakhon, Nakhon Pathom, Samut Prakan, Bangkok, Suphan Buri, and Ratchaburi. We would like your help, by informing the school if you or any member of your family has visited provinces outside of Phuket, also details of any activities or places visited on your travels, between December 1st -20th 2020. The details will help us monitor any unforeseen future events, if anything should arise.

      At this time, we would like to also ask any parents who usually wait for your children to please spend minimal time at the school. Please arrange a specific time and a place where you can meet your child for pick up, as to not prolong the waiting time. All large gatherings and morning assembly have been canceled to keep in line with social distancing protocols. We would like to thank you for your cooperation in this matter and keeping everyone as safe as possible. Please stay safe.


Warm regards, 

Sister Dararat Phuangpinit School Principal



22/06/18     Running Success

On Sunday, 29 June 2018, students, parents and teachers competed in the Kathu Cultural Festival Mini Marathon. Congratulations to Teacher Bow on receiving the 5th place trophy for the 6.5km run and well done to the following on receiving medals: 6.5km: Neung (EP 6) Felix (EP 6) Teacher Bow Teacher Joe 3.5km: Teacher Lauren Teacher Jasmine Tong Pai (P 5/1) Ink (EP 6) Rita (EP 6) Leo (EP 6) Nahm (EP 6) Plai (EP 6) Kookkai (EP 6) Lida (EP 6) Min (EP 6) Reena (M1/3)



22/06/18     EP 5/7   Library Reading Time

Every Friday, EP 5/7 spend time in the library to get a new reading book for the week. Each student can choose from a number of different books in their Oxford Reading Stage. Students have a week to read their book and hand in a short book summary. This helps students practice their reading comprehension and writing skills. Did you know that Bangkok is home to the oldest English-language library in Thailand? It's called Neilson Hays and it dates back to 1922.



21/06/18       Taekwondo and Running Success

Victor of IEP 6/6 won 2 medals (gold and bronze) from a Taekwondo competition at Surat Thani. He also placed fourth for the 7km category at the Mission Hospital Charity Run here in Phuket, bringing home a trophy, medal and certificate. Congratulations, Victor!



07/06/18     EP 5/7   Science Activity - DNA Strands

EP 5/7 have been learning all about Heredity, Genetics and DNA in Science class. Last week, we made our own DNA strands to better understand what it is made from and how it works. Did you know that if you unraveled all the DNA in your body it could reach the moon and back 6000 times?



06/06/18     Taekwondo Success

Claudia of IEP 2/8 brought home 1 gold and 2 silver medals after winning first and second place at the recently concluded Taekwondo competitions in Krabi and Nakhorn. Congratulations on your awesome performance, Claudia!



30/05/18     Taekwondo Success

3 Darasamuth students shone in a recently concluded Taekwondo Championship tournament in Sapanhin. Claudia of IEP 2/8 bagged the first place while Sejoon of EP 3/8 and Joy of EP 5/7 both got the 2nd place, bringing home medals and certificates. Congratulations on your great performance!



14/12/17     EP2/8   Art Activity - Christmas Baubles

In Art, EP2/8 have made their own Christmas baubles. First, they designed the pattern of their bauble, next they used a balloon and paper mache to create their bauble and last they painted on their design. Well done everyone, and Merry Christmas!



14/12/17     Running Club

This week students from Darasamuth Phuket School Running Club received their shirts and bibs for the Kathu Mini Marathon this Sunday (17th December). If anyone else wishes to join us, please come and see T.Jasmine for a form or go to the Kathu Municipality office (opposite D-Condo Creek) to sign up.  



08/12/17     Running Club

Last week at Running Club, we did a timed run over a distance of 1km. Our runners smashed their previous times and we are very proud of the progress made.  

Congratulations to the following runners who clocked the fastest times:
Ameli - 5.37 min
Felix - 6.26 min
Lida - 6.37 min



30/11/17     EP5/8 SCIENCE PROJECT - Balloon Car Challenge

EP 5 have been learning all about Force and Friction in Science class and decided to put their knowledge to the test with a Balloon Car Challenge. Students were asked to make cars powered by balloons to show the effects of air pressure and friction being applied as a force to propel their cars. A lot of fun was had by all!  

Following the EP 5 Balloon Car Challenge, certificates were handed out to the following participants:
BEST TEAM PARTICIPATION: Anda, David, Lida, Plai and Kevin
2ND PLACE: Charlie
3RD PLACE: Neung

    Well done EP 5 on a great project!



29/11/17     Sports and Music Success

Jessica and Fasai of IEP 4/6 both won silver medals in Foremost's Ironkids multisport event at Thanyapura. Nahm of IEP 5/5 also bagged the gold prize certificate from the Yamaha Electone Team Talent competition.  

Darasamuth Phuket School is proud of your accomplishments in sports and music. Congratulations!



22/11/17     Swimming Success

Min from EP 5/8 won 3 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze medals in a swimming competition in Krabi. Congratulations on your exceptional performance, Min!  



17/11/17     Running Club

Yesterday at Running Club, we ran our first benchmark run. Students chose to run 600m or 1km. The runs were timed and we are hoping to train hard and make improvements to our times and extend our distances.  



16/11/17     Reading Club

Reading Club in Semester 1 was a great success. Students had a fantastic time reading and learning together.  

All participating students were presented with certificates for all their hard work during last Monday's assembly. A big thank you to all students and teachers involved.



15/11/17     Taekwondo Success

Eight Darasamuth students have been recognized for their success at a recent Taekwondo Open at Kathu. Amm and Farsai from IEP 4/6 each won a gold medal. Aleks of EP 1/9 and Arsian of IEP 1/6 also bagged first places. Claudia from IEP 1/8, Phil from EP 3/8, and Joy and Daniel of EP 4/8 also won silver medals each.  

Congratulations on all of your achievements!



10/11/17     Running Club

Yesterday was the first training day for Darasamuth Phuket School Running Club. We worked on sprints and interval training and made sure we warmed up and cooled down. Thank you to all those that came.  

Everyone is welcome to join. We meet every Thursday at 16:15 outside the foreign teachers' office.



08/11/17     Taekwondo Success

Lilly, from IEP 3/6, won 3 first place medals at a Taekwondo Championship in Chiang Rai. Congratulations Lilly!  

Claudia, from IEP 1/8 and Pang, from 4/3, also won first place each at a Taekwondo Camp in Nakorn Sri Thammarat Province. Congratulations on your accomplishments!



13/9/17     Taekwondo and Marathon Success

Lilly, from IEP 3/6 won first place at a Taekwondo Championship in Surathani. Congratulations Lilly!  

We also had two Mini-Marathon runners. Zon, from IEP 6/6 won first place in the 6.3 km, and Teacher Bow, from EP 5 won first place in the 10.3 km. Congratulations on your accomplishments!



6/9/17     Cleanest Classrooms

Congratulations to IEP 3/5 and EP 5/8 on winning the award for the cleanest classrooms in the English Programme. The students worked very hard to keep their classroom neat and tidy and create a positive environment to learn in. Well done!



23/8/17     Taekwondo Success

Claudia, from IEP 1/8, recently competed and won a silver medal in Taekwondo Championship 2017 in Patalung. Congratulations Claudia!



16/8/17     Swimming Success

Phumin, from IEP 2/7, recently competed in the Tacola Swimming Championship in Phangna. He won many awards, including a bronze medal in the 50m freestyle, silver medals in the 50m backstroke and the 50m butterfly, and gold medals in the 100m freestyle and the 50m breast stroke. Congratulations Phumin, you are an excellent representative of Darasamuth Phuket School.



02/8/17     Golf and Beauty Contest Success

Two Darasamuth students recently competed in a beauty contest and a golf competition. Tawan from IEP 4/6 won first place in a competition, Face of Beauty by Nus Na Nakorn in the Southern Province. Coper from IEP M1/4, on the other hand, won second place in a golfing competition in Phangna. Congratulations on all of your achievements!



19/7/17     Taekwondo Success

Three Darasamuth students recently competed in a taekwondo competition in Surat Thani. Claudia from IEP 1/8 won a gold and a silver medal, Amm from IEP 4/6 won two silver medals and Film from IEP M3/3 also won first place. Congratulations on all of your achievements!



12/7/17     EP2/8   Science Activity - Growing Cress

EP2 are learning all about seeds in Science. They are currently growing their own cress seeds and documenting the process. It is proving to be an exciting activity with the students eager to see the final outcome.



11/7/17     EP5/8   Cleanest Classroom

Congratulations to EP5/8 on winning the award for the cleanest classroom in the English Programme. The students worked very hard to keep their classroom neat and tidy and create a positive environment to learn in. Well done!



27/6/17     IEP M1 Science Project

IEP M1 has been learning about cells in Science class. Today, they presented their finished work in comparing animal cells with plant cells . The following students have the most creative and informative output. Great work, everyone!



21/6/17     Tennis Success

Louis, from IEP 4/7, recently participated in a tennis tournament at BIS. He did exceptionally well in the boys doubles 10 and under category. Congratulations Louis!



31/5/17 EP5 DNA Strands

EP 5/8 has been learning about DNA and heredity in Science class. Today we made double helix DNA strands out of paper. It was a fun activity and great learning experience.



31/5/17 Taekwondo and Swimming Success

Two Darasamuth students have been recognized for their athletic prowess. Marion Clay from IEP 6/6 won a gold medal at a recent taekwondo championship in Krabi. Phumin from IEP 2/7 won 2 golds, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals for swimming at the Phuket PAO Open. He also won 2 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze medal at the SAT Anti-Drug swim meet in Chiang Mai. Congratulations on both of your achievements!



24/5/17 Jiu Jitsu Success

Lilly, from IEP 3/6 won the gold medal and the silver medal at a recent Jiu Jitsu competition in Bangkok. Congratulations Lilly, keep up the hard work!



22/2/17 Reading Club

Teacher Vicki's Reading Club has now concluded for the semester and all participating students were presented with certificates in a small ceremony last week. Many thanks to all the enthusiastic readers who took part in this joint literacy experience, EP1 and EP5 had a fantastic time reading and learning together in the library.



22/2/17 Taekwondo success

Two Darasamuth students recently competed in a taekwondo championship in Bangkok. Toss from IEP 3/5 won a silver medal, and Tanyong from IEP 4/7 also won a silver medal. Congratulations, we are proud of your success.



15/2/17 English Contest and Taekwondo success

Four Darasamuth students recently competed in a national online English competition in Bangkok. Rose and Nureen from EP6 placed 6th overall, while Justin and Kaptain, also from EP6 placed 1st overall in the nation! What an incredible achievement, thank you for proudly representing Darasamuth Phuket School.

We also had 3 students with taekwondo success. In a recent championship in Petburi, Phillip from IEP 2/7 received 1 gold medal, Victor from IEP 4/6 won 2 gold medals, and Film from IEP M2/3 also won 2 gold medals. Congratulations on all your achievements!



14/2/17 EP Field Trip at Vanich Farms

This year our EP students have made great strides and were rewarded with a field trip to Vanich Farms. Students were able to see see how a real working farm operates. There were many animals the students could pet and feed, including cows, sheep, goats and ducks. Our older students even got to participate in learning how rice is planted, and got quite muddy in the process! It was a great trip and we are proud of the way the students represented Darasamuth School. Many thanks to everyone involved.



8/2/17 English Exams Success

Four students from EP 6 participated in an English online contest consisting of all the Southern Provinces. The students worked as teams of two against other teams. Nureen and Rose won 1st place, while Kaptan and Justin won 2nd place, well done! They will soon head to Bangkok to compete against teams from all over Thailand.

We were also very successful in taking the Cambridge exams. From EP 6 Rose, Aim, Justin and Kaptain all received recognition for high scores on the PET. For the KET we had Meen, Jeong Ha and Sunmin from EP 6, Tier from IEP 5/5, Mimi from IEP 6/4 and Guy from IEP M2/3 all receiving recognition. Thanks for all your hard work and congratulations on your achievements!



25/1/17 Swimming Success

Phumin from IEP 1/8 recently participated in a swimming competition at Nakhon Si Thammarat. Phumin won a gold medal and a silver medal, congratulations Phumin!



19/1/17 English Success

Justin from EP 6/6 recently tested 2nd overall in English for the pre-test PKW at Phuket Wittayalai School. Congratulations Justin, way to represent Darasamuth!



22/12/16 Open House

Wednesday Darasamuth School held an open day for prospective parents and students to come and inspect the school grounds and meet our current staff. Students joined in activities throughout the day which finished with the Darabazaar - a market where students could bring in and sell their old, unwanted toys. This was to teach students the value of money and the importance of being frugal.



21/12/16 Taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu Success

Liya from EP2/10 won 2 gold medals for Jiu-Jitsu at an international championship in Bangkok. In taekwondo, Philip from IEP 2/7 won a silver medal, Toss from IEP 3/5 won a bronze medal, Fasai from IEP 3/6 won a gold and silver medal, and Film from IEP M2/3 won a bronze medal at a competition in Nakhon Si Thammarat. Well done to all our competitors!



24/12/16 EP Reading Club

The EP Reading Club has now concluded for the Christmas break but will resume in the new year to include more students. EP1 and EP5 pairs were presented with certificates and are all eager to continue the joint project in 2017. Well done to all the tutors and tutees!



24/12/16 Swimming Success

Two Darasamuth students recently had great success in swimming. Phumin from IEP 1/8 won 3 gold medals and 1 silver at a competition in Krabi. Min from EP 4/8 won 2 gold medals and 1 bronze at a competition in Songkar. Congratulations to these exceptional swimmers!



23/11/16 Swimming Success

Two Darasamuth students recently had great success in swimming at a championship in Krabi. Bridgette from IEP 5/5 won 2 silver medals and 5 bronze medals. Matthew from IEP 1/7 won 4 bronze medals, 2 silver, 1 gold medal and a certificate of accomplishment. Congratulations to these fine students!



11/11/16 - EP1 - EP5 Reading Buddy Programme

Teacher Vicki's Reading Buddy Club is up and running for it's second year. This is a collaborative effort between select students from EP1 and EP5, getting together at break times to read together in the revamped EP library. The aim of this programme is to increase young readers confidence, motivation and reading enjoyment. It is also a chance for EP5 students to become teachers, guiding younger students. Well done to all involved!




11/11/16 - King's Day Ceremony

Yesterday, all students and teachers took part in a ceremony to honour the memory of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It was a beautiful and emotional ceremony where everyone was given the chance to pay their respects. Make sure to check out some of the stunning photos from the ceremony on our Facebook page.




9/11/16 - Taekwando Success

Darasamuth students have recently had great success in Taekwando tournaments. The following students won medals:

EP 2/10 - Sam - 1 bronze medal, IEP 2/6 - Lilly - 2 gold medals, 1 silver, IEP 2/6 - Meiting - 2 gold medals, IEP 3/5 - Toss - 1 silver medal, 1 bronze, IEP 3/6 - Fasai - 1 gold medal, IEP 3/6 - Am - 1 gold medal, 1 bronze, IEP 4/5 - Giege - 1 gold medal, IEP 4/5 - Fasai - 1 silver medal, IEP 4/6 - Timo - 1 silver medal, 1 bronze, IEP 4/7 - Tanyong - 1 gold medal, IEP 5/6 - Clay - 1 bronze medal, IEP M1/3 - Sarah - 3 gold medals, 1 silver, 1 bronze, IEP M2/3 - Marisa 1 gold medal.

Congratulations on all your accomplishments!




26/9/16 - Annual English Camp

Darasamuth Phuket School's annual English Camp took place on the 23rd and 24th of September at the Phuket Orchid Reosrt in Karon. One hundred and ninety students along with 30 teachers descended on the resort for a fun-packed weekend, focused on improving our students' conversational English skills. It was a hugely successful weekend and so a big thank you to everyone involved. Make sure to check out our Facebook page for all the photos and videos!




14/9/16 - Tidiness Success

Congratulations to IEP 3/6 and EP 1/9 who won gold medals for having the tidiest classrooms. Keep up the good work!




8/9/16 - Sports Days

Last week saw the annual Darasamuth School Sports Days for our students. Students of all ages competed in a variety of sporting events including football, chairball and various races. There were a lot of sweaty students and teachers by the end, but everyone had a great time. Well done to all the athletes involved and to everyone that gave their support.




24/8/16 - Swimming and Taekwando Success

Congratulations to Copter from IEP M 1/3 on winning 1st place in a swimming championship in Phang Na. In Taekwando, Philip from IEP 2/7 won 1st place, Toss from IEP 3/5 won 3rd place, and Fasai and Amm from IEP 3/6 both won 1st place medals. Gigi from IEP 4/5 won 1st place, Farsai from IEP 4/5 won 2nd place, and Tanyong from IEP 4/7 won 1st place in the competition at Pattalung. Well done on all your accomplishments!




17/8/16 - Taekwando and Swimming Success

Congratulations to Toss from IEP 3/5 who won 1st place in taekwando, Gigi from IEP 4/5 won 2nd place, and Fasai from IEP 3/6 won 3rd place in a recent taekwando championship in Phuket. In swimming Bridgette from IEP 5/5 won 1st and 3rd place, Matthew from IEP 1/7 won 1st and 2nd place, and Min from EP 4/8 won 2nd place as well as wining 5 gold medals at a swimming championship in Phang nga. Well done on all your accomplishments!




16/8/16 - Mothers Day Celebrations

Students, parents and teachers came together last week to celebrate Mother's Day at Darasamuth School. All the students and teachers involved put in a great deal of effort to create some fantastic performances. Make sure to visit our Youtube page at www.youtube.com/user/DarasamuthEPandIEP to see all the videos. Happy Mother's Day from all the staff and students at Darasamuth.




10/8/16 - Taekwando, English, Chinese, and Tidiness Success

Congratulations to Amm from IEP 3/6 for winning first place at a taekwando championship in Surathani. In a recent English speaking competition, Chompoo, AJ, Lila, and Yasmine took home gold medals, while Aonlawue took home the gold for speaking Chinese. Finally, IEP 3/7, EP 4/8, and M 3/3 won gold medals for having the tidiest classroom. Well done on all your accomplishments!





3/8/16 - Golf Success

Congratulations to Kopper from EP6 for placing 5th in a golf tournament in Krabi. Ten, from M2/3 placed 2nd in the same tournament. Well done on your accomplishments in golf!





27/7/16 - Taekwondo Success

Congratulations to the following students on their recent Taekwondo championship at Surathani; Meating from IEP 2/6 won two 3rd place medals, Lilly from IEP 2/6 won a 2nd and 3rd place medal, Toss from IEP 3/5 won a 3rd place medal, Tunsaya Noonuang from IEP 4/5 won 1st place, Chanutar Peawlearng from IEP 4/7 won 3rd place, Pear from IEP 5/6 won 2nd place, and Mew from IEP 5/6 won two 1st place medals. Congratulations on your accomplishments in Taekwondo!





6/7/16 - Basketball Success

Congratulations to Pongsuk Danchawang from IEP M2/3. Pongsuk won the silver and bronze medals in a recent Basketball championship. Well done Pongsuk!





22/6/16 - Taekwondo Success

Congratulations to Amm from IEP 3/6. Amm won first place in a recent Taekwondo championship at Trang. Well done Amm!





15/6/16 - Taekwondo Success

Congratulations to Lilly from IEP 2/6. Lilly won 2 medals in a recent Taekwondo championship as well as 2 more medals in a Jiu jitsu championship. Well done Lilly!





8/6/16 - Cambridge Exams and Taekwondo Success

Congratulations to AJ and Panida from IEP M1/3. They both sat their PET Cambidge exams last February and both scored fantastically.


Also, congratulations to Filip from IEP 2 who won first place and a gold medal in a recent Taekwondo Championship in Nakhon Si Thammarat. All the students received their certificates and awards in this morning's assembly.





1/6/16 - Cambridge Exams Ceremony

The last of our students received their Cambridge exam certificates in this morning's assembly. Darasamuth had a great set of results in the Cambridge exams this year and we are very proud of all our students that took part in the exams. Well done to you all!





26/5/16 - CPR Training

Foreign teachers at Darsamuth School recently attended a training session at Phuket International Hospital, to learn about CPR and first aid for children. We all learnt a lot about how best to deal with childrens' injuries, however severe they are. Also, this means that our foreign teachers are now CPR certified!





25/5/16 - Taekwondo Success

Congratulations to Clay from IEP 5 who recently won a gold medal at a Taekwondo Championship for the southern provinces of Thailand. Let's hope this first win is the start of another great year for sporting achievements at Darsamuth Phuket.





16/5/16 - A new Year at Darasamuth School

Today is the first day of the 2016-17 academic year at Darasamuth Phuket School! We welcome back all returning students and staff as well as anyone new to the school. We have a lot planned for the coming academic year so please stay tuned for regular updates. Here's hoping for another fantastic year!



17/2/16 - A tennis star in the making

Well done to Julian from EP5 who won first place in both the boys under 13 and under 15 age groups, in a local tennis tournament. This is especially impressive as Julian is only 11 years old! Congratulations Julian!





12/2/2016 - Valentine's Day Celebrations

Students, parents and teachers celebrated Valentine's Day in style today. Love was in the air as teachers and students performed a variety of songs and dances for the rest of te school. Make sure to check out the album on our Facebook page. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!





5/2/2016 - Now recruiting for 2016-17

Darasamuth Phuket School is now accepting applications for native English speaking teachers for the 2016-17 academic year. Please see the current vacancies link on the right side of this page for all job postings and futher information.




2/2/16 - Applications for 2016-17 now open

Darasamuth Phuket School is now accepting applications for new students to join our English and Intermediate English Programmes for the 2016-17 academic year. For more information or to submit an application, please contact the school office.




25/1/16 - Story time at Darasamuth

Many thanks to author, illustrator and story teller Gail Clarke for coming into Darasamuth School to read for our students. Her stories are about animals, migration and protecting our environment. The students loved hearing her stories and all about her animal friends. Thank you Gail! We hope to have you back at Darasamuth at some point in the near future. Make sure to check out the rest of the pictures on our Facebook page.





20/1/16 - Incredible Swimming Results!

Min from EP3 gave a superb performance in a swimming competition in Nakorn Sri Tamarat. She won over 10 medals and this beautiful trophy too. Well done Min! You've made us all very proud.





14/01/16 - Goodbye teacher Patricia

We are sorry to say that tomorrow, Teacher Patricia from EP3 will be leaving us after almost five years of teaching at Darasamuth. We are sad to be losing such a valued teacher and wish her the best of luck for the future. To say thanks, EP3 performed a song and dance for her in this morning's assembly.





22/12/15 - Santa came for a visit!

Santa Claus made an unannounced visit to Darasamuth School today! He took time out of his very busy schedule to wish the students a Merry Christmas.He encouraged the students to be well-behaved for their teachers and to make sure that they continued to be good so that they didn't make it on to the naughty list.

See you again on the 25th Santa!





22/12/15 - Annual Christmas Fair

On the 18th and 19th of December, Darasamuth celebrated our annual Christmas Fair. Students, parents and teachers came together to enjoy the festivities. There were games, raffle stalls and a haunted house to keep everyone entertained. Some classes also performed dances which they have been practicing very hard for. Make sure to check out the all the pictures by visiting the scool's FAcebook page. Thanks you to everyone involved for all their hard work.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all, from everyone at Darasamuth Phuket School.





17/12/15 - Another Tawkwondoe Champion!

Galvin from IEP 6/6 fought her way to an amazing first place win in a recent Taekwondoe Championship. Fighters from all over the southern provinces of Thailand attended the event but were unable to beat Galvin. Congratulations on your great achievement Galvin!





15/12/15 - Student wins 1st place in Golf Tournament

Last weekend Kopper from EP5 won 1st place in a Phuket Golf Championship, winning himself this huge trophy for his efforts. Kopper has become quite the golf superstar lately and has won himself plenty of awards.





3/12/2015 - Bike for Dad event at Darasamuth

On Tuesday December 2nd, we had our own Bike for Dad event at the school. Many students’ and their Fathers joined the event in honour of the King’s birthday. They set off from the school towards Surakul stadium, around and behind Homeworks and then back to school. Thanks to everyone involved, especially the police who kept the students and their fathers safe throughout the event.





17/11/2015 - Another Champion Tennis Player

Congratulations to Alex from IEP 5/6. He won this wonderful trophy for achieving 1st place in the Thanyapura Tennis Championships. Alex has won several awards recently. Where does he find the room for all his trophies?




11/11/2015 - Another Taekwondoe Champion

Clay from IEP 4/5 won a silver medal in a Taekwondoe Championship in Nakorn Sri Thammarat last weekend. She was very proud of her achievement. She received her medal and certificate in this morning's assembly.





9/11/2015 - More sporting success

In this morning's assembly, two students received certificates and medals for their recent sporting successes. Pittayhut Boaswatt from IEP 4 won trophy and several medals won swimming, and Toss from IEP 2 won bronze in a local Taekwondoe championship. Well done boys!






4/11/2015 - Taekwondoe Success at Darasamuth

Congratulations to Clay and Lilly who both won silver medals in a recent Taekwondoe competition on Phuket. Keep up the good work girls!





2/11/2015 - The Website is Back Online!

The school's website is now back online. Last month the website was hacked and a redirect was setup on the web address www.darasamuth.ac.th. As a result of the hack we lost a few of our recent posts. We apologise for any inconvenience caused whilst the website was down.



28/8/2015 - Sports Day

Students, parents and teachers all came together on Friday 28th of September 2015 for the closing ceremony of what was a wonderful week of sporting competitions here at Darasamuth Phuket School.
A huge amount of work went into making this week an amazing and spectacular sporting event.
I would like to thank and congratulate the parents, teachers and of course our very talented students for their hard work and sportsmanship, that made the event such a success. Below are just a few of the highlights.
Make sure to check out the school's Facebook page using the link below to see all of the pictuers from the day.



17/8/15 - Sports Successes at Darasamuth

Students from Darasamuth had plenty of success over the weekend. Sarah from IEP 6/6 won a gold medal in Tae Kwon Doe, Louie from IEP 2/7 won a bronze medal in Tennis, whilst his brother Alex from IEP 5/6, won a gold medal and a huge trophy. Congratulations to you all!



14/8/15 - Mother's Day Celebrations

A huge thank you to all students, teachers and parents tht took part in our Mother's Day celebrations this year. There were activities and sports for the parents and students along with a performance from each class. To check out all the videos from Mother's Day, head over to our Youtube channel at the following link:


Don't forget to subscribe!




23/07/2015 - Registration for new EP4 class open

Darasamuth Phuket School is has opened registration for Semester 2 for a second P4 class in our prestigious English Programme.


Due to our dedication to learning excellence and the outstanding exam results achieved by our students, during the last year we have been overwhelmed with applications for enrollment at Darasamuth Phuket School for the year 2015-16.


Because of this, we have decided to open another P4 class in our English Programme. Places will be limited and we expect the classes to fill up fast. Please apply at the school office.




22/07/2015 - Art Sculptures Impress


The students in EP4, EP5 and EP6 have been designing, assembling and decorating their sculptures for the last 5 weeks. EP4 made elephants to celebrate the importance of elephants in Thai culture, EP5 created their own mythical creatures drawing from fables they have learnt about in class, and EP6 made an animal of their choice that has importance in Thai culture and history.




15/07/15 - More Tae Kwon Doe Success


Congratulations to Kissai and Amm from IEP 2/6 for their recent success in the Surat Thani 2015 Tae Kwon Doe Championships. They both won gold medals and received their trophies in assembly. Darasamuth Phuket School has enjoyed a string of successes in Tae Kwon Doe in recent weeks.




14/7/15 - Awards galore in morning assembly


Congratulations to Sam from EP 1/10 and Toss from IEP 2/5 for their recent success in Thai Kwon Doe. They were both awarded medals in this morning's assembly. Also, well done to all the students and teachers in IEP 2/7 and EP 2/8 for being given the 'Tidiest Classrooms' award!




6/7/15 - More golf success at Darasamuth


Watch out Tiger Woods! Copper from EP5 recently competed in a local golf tournament and won himself a bronze medal. Congratulations Copper!



30/6/15 - A golf champion at Darasamuth


Congratulations to Ten from IEP M1/3 who achieved a magnificent second place in a golf tournament involving students from all over southern Thailand. Teacher Lyn presented him with his trophy in assembly this morning. We are very proud of you Ten!



26/6/15 - Sunthorn Phu Heritage Day


Today the students celebrated the heritage of the great Thai poet Sunthorn Phu.


Lots of hard work went into all the beautiful displays so a big "well done!" to everyone involved. Plenty of activities were also arranged so that the students could learn more about Sunthorn Phu and his great literary contribution to Thai culture.


Make sure to check out the Darasamuth Phuket School Facebook page for the entire album of photos.



Teacher Vicki achieves her PGCE-i

Congratulations to Teacher Vicki, who completed her PGCEi at Nottingham University in the UK.


This is an internationally recognised teaching qualification. She worked hard to complete all of the coursework whilst working full time. Teacher Vicki will continue working at Darasamuth School next year as the home room teacher for P1 in English Programme. We are happy that she has chosen to continue teaching at Darasamuth and put her newly acquired skills and knowledge into practice.


Well done, Teacher Vicki!




Summer School

The dates of the summer school are as follows:


April 1-3, 7-10, 16-18, 20-25 and 27-30


8:30am - 3:00pm


If you want your child to attend, please reserve a place at the finance office in school.




26/2/15 - End of the Academic year

Our students are coming close to the end of the academic year. It has been a very successful year and we have all enjoyed being a part of the progress made in Darasamuth School. Thank you all for your support. The students will have their final Thai exams next week, on 2nd, 3rd and 5th March. Please remember that the school is closed on Wednesday 4th March for Makha Bucha Day and that the last day of the semester is Thursday 5th March. There are no classes on Friday 6th March.


The graduation ceremony for KG3 and P6 will be on Saturday 7th March. Cambridge certificates will also be presented on Saturday 7th March.




23/2/15 - Bronze medal in junior golf championship

Congratulations to Ten in EP6 who won a bronze medal at the Thailand Golf Association Junior Golf Ranking championship in Phang Nga on 21-22 February. He won 3rd position in the 10-12 year old age group. Well done, Ten!




23/2/15 - National Champions from Darasamuth

Nop (EP6) and AJ (EP5) were presented with their certificates and medals which celebrated their achievement in the national competitions in Bangkok. Nop won 1st place in the whole of Thailand in the multi-skills competition and AJ won 3rd place in the spelling competition. We are so proud to have such high achieving students in our school.




EP2 Valentines Day Ball

The children in EP 2/8 won their 200th Golden Time star and decided to have a Valentine's Day Ball as their Golden Time activity. Each team took part in a waltz competition before enjoying their snacks and treats.



Chamber of Secrets Competition winners

A big congratulations to our students and teachers that took part in the 'Chamber of Secrets School's Cup' on Sunday in Patong. They competed against other international schools from Phuket including British International School, Kajonkiet International School, Phuket International Academy, QSI and others in a series of puzzles and games. They were crowned the champions after solving their puzzles faster than any of the other schools. Well done all of you!




Music is Life

Music Is Life from Tom Tafejian on Vimeo.


This is a film put together by Teacher Tom who came to work with our school last year. We still love the song our students wrote and performed. They can be seen at the start of the film, as we were his first school. Well done, Tom - you have made a real difference around the world!



Sports Day 2015

Thank you to all parents and friends that helped us to celebrate our Sports Day this year.


We were delayed by the building of the new gymnasium, but those of you that joined us will agree that it was worth the wait! The opening ceremony was a spectacular celebration of Thai culture and the range of costumes and outfits was a sight to behold. Our marching band did us proud with a variety of renditions, including Eye of Tiger to inspire our budding athletes. The children enjoyed the sporting activities throughout the day as they were cheered on by their classmates. The teachers also joined in, with a crowd-pleasing futsal match between the foreign and Thai male teachers and a highly competitive chairball match played by the female teachers. It was a funbut exhausting day and we were grateful of Teachers' Day on Friday, giving us all a chance to recover!




13/1/15 - Darasamuth in the news

Just in case any of you missed our school being mentioned in the local newspapers in December, the following links are available for you to catch up:








12/1/15 - Children's Day

Our students celebrated Children's Day by having parties in their classrooms. Huge amounts of food was brought in, including pizza, som tam, pad Thai, cookies and ice cream. When the kids had eaten enough (or too much) they came down to enjoy a concert, where different groups of children sang and danced to pop songs and traditional Thai songs. We also had a rock group performing, courtesy of our older students. The boys from P3 dressed as their favourite football players to perform their act.




9/1/15 - More Cambridge Results

Congratulations to our students who entered the Cambridge exams in December. We have had some of our best results yet. In the Starters exams, for example, all of our EP students achieved the maximum grades possible (5/5) for all three exams. We had an average grade of 86% in the KET exams (Pass with merit) with 44% of our students achieving a Pass with Distinction.


When we compared our achievements in Cambridge exams to the grades achieved in the rest of Thailand, we also found even more reasons to be proud of our students.


For example:

In the Movers Speaking exam 100% of our students achieved 5/5 shields, compared to a national average of 67%.

94% of our students achieved 5/5 shields in their Flyers Listening exam, compared to a national average of just 24%.

100% of our students achieved a Pass or above in both KET and PET exams, compared to 66% of other Thai students.


Congratulations to all of our students for their successes and for developing their English skills to this level. I also want to thank our teachers for their hard work and extra efforts in preparing students for the exams.


Well done, Darasamuth Phuket School!




8/1/15 - Cambridge Exam Results

Congratulations to all the students that took their Cambridge exams last December. They achieved some amazing results. Click here to see a comparison of results between Darasamuth English Programme students and students in the whole of Thailand.


We are very proud of our students' achievements.



7/1/15 - Mining Museum Field Trip

EP and IEP3 students recently went on a field trip to the Phuket Mining Museum. They learnt about the island's early settlers, the different kinds of rock and minerals on Phuket and its thriving mining industry. Check our Facebook page for more photos and information!




5/1/14 - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We wish you all peace and prosperity in 2015.


Thank you to all parents, carers and friends that supported our Christmas Fair. We had the Christmas show on Friday for the students to enjoy and on Saturday for parents and friends. Each class performed a song and dance on the stage and there were lots of festive stalls and activities, including tombola, a disco room, darts and Christmas carols.




19/12/14 - Merry Christmas Everyone!

We would like to wish all of our parents, carers and friends a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous new year!


Thank you for all of your support this year. Please remember that we start back at school on Monday 5th January 2015.


Happy holidays!




19/12/14 - Santa Claus came for a visit!

Santa Claus came for a suprise visit to Darasamuth School yesterday! The students were very excited to see him. He encouraged the students to be well-behaved for their teachers and to make sure that they continued to be good so that they didn't make it on to the naughty list. Make sure to check out our Facebook page for all the pictures. See you again on the 25th Santa!




9/12/14 - Triathlon Acheivements

Congratulations to Rayne in EP2 and Daengmo in EP5 who both completed the Laguna Triathlon at Thanyapura at the weekend. Especially well done to Daengmo as she finished 2nd in her age group. Congratulations to you both! 



2/12/14 - Father's Day

We will celebrate Father's Day on Thursday 4th December, with a ceremony and activities at the following times:

KG - P3 

8:30 - 10.00


P4 - M3  

13:30 - 15:30


The school will be closed on Friday 5th December.

Happy Father's Day!



24/11/14 - Darasamuth Student featured in Thailand Tourist Authority Video

We are very proud of one of our EP6 students, Jaran, who was asked by the Tourist Authority of Thailand to promote Phuket to young tourists. You can see the video he made here: 


More information can be found here:  http://app.boundround.com/areas/phuket.html


We are very impressed by Jaran's presentation skills, but I'm not quite sure why coming to Darasamuth School is not in his top 5 things to do in Phuket! Well done, Jaran!



21/11/14 - P5 Product Advertisements

EP5 worked very hard to create and present their own television advertisements, demonstrating their understanding of the need to target consumers through promotion, pricing and marketing strategies. The students presented their advertisements through the computer camera and this was projected for the rest of the class to see. Make sure to check our "Examples of Students' Work" page, our Facebook page or Youtube channel for more examples of students' work.




19/11/14 - Celebrating Achievement


Congratulations to Kitty in IEP 1/6 who came first in the Yamaha Thailand Music Festival Competition for piano.


Congratulations also to the following students who did very well in the Pattalung Taekwondo Super Championship:


Fasai (1/6) Gold

Smart (1/8) Gold

Tier (3/5) Silver

Captain (5/7) Gold




10/11/14 - School Closure Due To Asian Beach Games

Please note that the school will be closed on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th November, because of the Asian Beach Games.

We are open as normal on Monday 17th November.

Enjoy the games!




31/10/14 - Happy Halloween!


Many of our students dressed up and joined in our Halloween celebrations. It was great to see the hard work that some students (and parents!) had put into their costumes. Students went trick or treating, played spoooooky halloween games and watched some very scary movies.




09/10/14 - Morning Workout!


We have a morning assembly in English, Monday to Thursday, with our EP and IEP classes. Each Thursday we have a short exercise / aerobics session to help wake everybody up (including the teachers!) and to enhance readiness for learning. It's also another opportunity for students to follow instructions in English and to have fun!




03/10/14 - Competition Results


Congratulations to our students who took part in the recent academic competitions in Phuket.


AJ in P5 achieved a 100% score in the P4-P6 spelling bee, winning first place and a gold award. Nop in P6 scored 93% in the P4-P6 multi-skills competition, achieving first place and a gold award. Both of these students will represent Phuket in the southern provinces round of the competitions that take place in December.


Aina in P3 achieved a gold award with 90% and came in second place in the P1-P3 spelling bee; Janis in P6 achieved a gold award with 84% and came in second place in the P4-P6 story telling competition; Pim in M1 achieved a bronze award and came in second place in the M1-M3 impromptu speech competition; and Wenjelyn in M3 achieved a gold award and came in second place in the M1-M3 multi skills competition.


We are very proud of all of our students that entered the competitions and would like to thank their teachers and parents for helping them to prepare.




08/09/14 - Darasamuth Phuket Annual English Camp


On Friday 5th and Saturday 6th September, a group of over 200 of our students from P4-P6 in Thai Programme, IEP and English Programme joined together for this year's English Camp at Phuket Orchid Resort in Karon.


The students and teachers had fun through activities such as sand-sculpting, designing masks from recycled materials, creating flags to represent imaginary countries and song writing. The students were involved in a show on the Friday evening, where they presented their masks, showing not only their creative skills, but also their ability in speaking English. As they wrote their own lyrics to a song, they were also able to come together to sing it, with the ending refrain, 'Fluent or not, English Camp rocks!'




25/08/14 - Maths Competition Success

Congratulations to Simya (Palita Kahapana) in EP4, who did very well in a maths competition on 24.08.14. She took part in the New Arithmetic Development Agency (NADA) competition and received a trophy for 3rd place in the junior section. Sister Daranee presented her with the trophy in our morning assembly. Well done, Simya!




21/08/14 - More Taekwondo Successes


Congratulations to our students who entered the Taekwondo competition in Phuket Shopping Mall on 20.08.14.


Fasai in 2/5 received a bronze medal, Namwan in 2/6 received a silver medal, Tier in 3/5 received a gold medal and Tan in 4/6 received a bronze medal.


Well done all of you! 



19/08/14 - Sporting Achievements

Congratulations to our students who represented Thailand in the 3rd SeongNam Open International Taekwondo Championships. Miw (Apichaya Pangphet) in 3/6 won a gold medal and Un (Pitiporn Phengpet) in 6/7 won a bronze medal. Well done, girls!


Congratulations also go to Alex (Alexandre Pierron) in 4/6 who won first place in the Phuket Tennis Championships. He will now go on to represent Phuket in the Thailand Championships. Good luck, Alex - we are very proud of you!



08/08/14 - Mother's Day Celebrations


Thank you to all parents, carers and friends of the school who joined us for our Mother's Day celebrations on Friday 8th August. Following the Thai ceremony, we had our annual Mother's Day Show, which was a great success. Singing, dancing, acting and a bit of magic lit up the stage as EP and IEP students performed to a crowded room of excited guests.


We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did. If you weren't able to be there, videos will soon be posted on our YouTube page.


I would like to thank all of our hard-working teachers for their efforts in preparing students for the show and congratulate all of the students for demonstrating not only their star qualities, but also some fantastic English skills!

Well done, Darasamuth!



04/08/14 - Golf Tournament


Congratulations to brothers Ten (EP6) and Kopper (EP4) who did very well in a golf tournament in Takua pa. Ten won the trophy for second place and Kopper won first place! We are very proud of their achievements. Well done, boys!



04/08/14 - Maxploys Southern Provinces Crossword


In the Maxploys Southern Provinces Crossword competition at Jungceylon, Patong on 2nd and 3rd August, students from our school were extremely successful.


The points from all of our students who entered were added up and they were presented a trophy for second place. Nop and Faisal in EP6 worked together as a team and came in 3rd place. Un in IEP6/7 entered the competition with a friend from another school and together they won first place. The students were presented their medals and trophies in the EP/IEP assembly by Sister Srivieng.


Well done to all of those that entered.


29/07/14 - New Member

We are very sorry to say goodbye to Teacher Kate on Thursday, who has worked at the school for 3 years. Teachers, students and parents will miss her, but we would like to thank her for all of her hard work and wish her all the best in her new job. Good luck, Teacher Kate!


We are very happy to welcome Teacher Bea as the new KG3 home room teacher. Bea is from Wales in the UK and has already been in the school for 2 weeks, ensuring a smooth handover.


15/07/14 - Road Safety

The winners of our recent Road Safety competition were announced on Thursday 10th July.


Students in grades P4-P6 in the English Programme have been involved in designing road safety posters to display in and around the school. Their intended audience was both students in the school and the adults that drop them off.


The students learn about health and safety in their home room classes and also as part of their Health curriculum. Persuasive writing and different text-types are also studied in English.


Most students were quick to point out some of the health hazards that can be seen on the roads of Phuket, particularly the amount of people who don’t wear a helmet. As the winning poster says, “Wear a helmet or smash your head!”


We were impressed by the students' creativity and it was difficult to choose winners, whose posters will be displayed around the school parking areas. Let's hope they make a difference and make Phuket's roads safer for us all!


The winners were:


1st place - 3 golden time stars - Nop, Fong, Ten and Luck (P6)

2nd place - 2 golden time stars - Aryaman (P5)

3rd place - 1 golden time star - Phupa and Win (P5)


Runners up - 20 team points each - Un (P4), Lyuba (P4), Anna (P4), Dear (P6)



15/07/14 - Taekwondo champs


Congratulations to our students who did very well in recent Taekwondo contests in Surat Thani. The following students were presented with their medals and certificates in our school assembly:

Toss IEP1/5 - Silver

Viva IEP2/6 - Gold

Mew IEP3/6 - Gold

Wawee IEP 4/6 - Silver

Un IEP6/7 - Gold

Well done - we are proud of you!



12/06/14 - Wai Kru Day 2014

We had a great day in school on Thursday 12th June as we celebrated Wai Kru day. Students presented their teachers with flowers in two very moving ceremonies. We are blessed to have such respectful children in our school. Thank you Darasamuth students. Make sure to check our facebook page for all of the photos from the day.



10/06/14 - Taekwondo champions

Congratulations to our Taekwondo champions, who did very well in a competition in Pha Nga. Smart in EP1/8, Toss in IEP1/5, Fasai in IEP2/5 and Captain in IEP5/7 all received medals and certificates. Well done!!


09/06/14 - Winning Spirit

Well done to Tan in IEP 4/6 who recently won a gold and a bronze medal in a Taekwondo competition. He was presented with his medals and certificates by Sister Daranee in the EP / IEP assembly.


09/05/14 - Musical Achievements

Congratulations to Ung, who will be in IEP 5 this year. He won the first place out of all the southern provinces in the Electone solo competition, as part of the Yamaha Thailand Music Festival 2014. He then went on to win second place in the national round, which was held at Aksra Theatre in Bangkok. We are very proud to have such a talented musician in our school.


12/03/14 - Our Song World tour Stops at Darasamuth Phuket School


Please have a look at our short video that follows the progress of our recent music project.

It was very successful and the songs the students wrote were beautifully presented in a performance in front of EP and IEP students and some parents and friends. Thank you Tom Tafejian and Teacher Judge for doing such a wonderful job in inspiring our students to create their own songs. Thank you also Teacher Greg for putting together the short film and capturing moments from the whole process. Well done to all of the students involved. You were very brave to perform in front of everyone and we really believe you can "change the world."



07/03/14 - P6 Achievements


Congratulations to all of our EP and IEP P6 students who did very well on their recent entrance tests for Mathayom 1 in other schools. Well done especially to Gen in EP 6 who achieved the highest score of all entrants in the Science and Maths test for Satree Phuket School. We wish them all the best of luck in their new schools and hope they will continue to be outstanding students.



04/03/14 - Teacher Mike completes his PGCEi!


Congratulations to Teacher Mike, who has been awarded a PGCEi, an internationally recognised teaching qualification from The University of Nottingham in the UK.


Teacher Mike worked hard to keep up with his studies whilst still teaching full time and was very happy to receive a pass with merit. He is from the UK and started working at Darasamuth in 2012. He will continue working in Darasamuth School next year, teaching English to our IEP students.


We have several fully qualified teachers in our team of foreign teachers at Darasamuth and have three other teachers who are working on achieving this qualification. As a school, we are lucky to have a team of dedicated and qualified foreign teachers who are constantly improving their skills. This is good news for all of our students!



25/02/14 - Number 1 in Thailand!


AJ Grosvenor, a student in P4 in the English Programme has just won first place in a national spelling competition. He was given a gold medal at the competition which took place in Bangkok on 19th February 2014.


He won first place in the Phuket round, then first place again in the southern provinces round and completed his hat trick by ranking first in the whole country. AJ achieved the same position last year, in the P1-P3 group. This year it was much more difficult as it was the P4-P6 group, so there were much older children for him to compete against. He managed a score of 85% which is fantastic at this level.


We are all very proud of him. Well done, AJ!



18/02/14 - Valentines Day Concert


Teachers at Darasamuth entertained the students in our annual Valentine's Day show. The show raises money for the poor in Takua Pa. A range of teachers were involved in singing and dancing to entertain the students, who bought roses to give to their favourite performers. The Filipino teachers did a love song medley including Mariah Carey and Madonna as well as showing off some great dance moves. The Native English teachers delivered their own version of Dance with Me Tonight, by Olly Murs. Teacher Saul took the lead and other teachers supported him with their dance moves. The full videos can be seen on our YouTube channel at the link below or on our Facebook page.




07/02/14 - Gymnasium Blessing


Students were involved in a blessing ceremony for the new gymnasium on Friday 7th February. We are very grateful for the donations parents have made already. We still welcome donations to help build the new gymnasium.


28/01/14 - 3rd Place in Golf Tournament


Congratulations to Ten in P5 who won third place in the 38th President Cup golf tournament at Phuket Country Club. His trophy was presented to him in the morning assembly, as his classmates cheered. Well done, Ten!



9/1/14 - Upcoming Music Project


We are very excited about an upcoming music project at the school, that will run in February. Tom Tafejian, a teacher and musician from the USA is starting a world tour of schools to help children express themselves through music. We are very much looking forward to this project and are keen to see and hear the results of the songwriting workshops.


More details of the project can be found here:



and here:



You can also donate to Tom's Kickstarter page to help make his goal a reality:


Darasamuth Facebook Page