Games and learning Resources

Here you can find a recommended Cambridge game for students to practise a wide range of English language skills. There are also plenty of links to other games and activities for a variety of subjects.

Have fun!


Phonics Games - Lots of links to various phonics games catering for all levels of English.


English Grammar Resources

Grammar Education Guide from SuperSummary - A Comprehensive Learning Guide for Students and Teachers which contains a lot of in-depth information about grammar resources


English Games - A collection of great English games and resources to enhance your knowledge and skills in different subjects. - Lots of great English games and resources to enhance Language Arts skills. - Four funs games all aimed at improving English grammar. - Learn english from a T-rex! Just make sure you get the answers right or else! - Listen to the sound and match it to the letter with different levels to choose from.

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Get Adobe Flash player - A very similar game to Monkey Puzzle World Tour but a little older. Fantastic for young learners. - The Ultimate Word Games Guide


Science Games - A great website for P4 - P6 related science topics. - Lots of science revision aids aimed at helping children between the ages of 4 and 11 prepare for exams. - A fantastic youtube channel with lots of science related videos.


Maths Games - A mixture of times-tables, the faster you answer then the faster your car goes.


ICT Games - A great site with lots of short videos aimed at teaching your child to touch type. - An online test that analyses your typing skills to give your words per minute and other information.